How to Nail Your Rick Owens Sizing Every Time

Rick Owens Shoes are one of the most famous items from the brand Rick Owens, which are known for their distinct style and high-quality craftsmanship. However, before you purchase, it is important to know the sizing secrets of Rick Owens shoes.

In this article, I will guide you through everything you need about Rick Owens shoe sizing, so you can shop confidently and find the perfect pair.

The History of Rick Owens Shoe Sizing

The History of Rick Owens Shoe Sizing

Rick Owens is a fashion designer known for his avant-garde and gothic-inspired designs. His eponymous label, Rick Owens, has gained a cult following for its unique aesthetic and unconventional approach to fashion.

In addition to his clothing, Rick Owens is also known for his footwear, which has become a popular choice among fashion enthusiasts.

Here is a brief history of Rick Owens’ shoe sizing and how it has evolved over the years:

When Rick Owens first launched his footwear line in 2005, his sizing was known to be quite generous. Many customers found that their shoes ran large, with some reporting that they needed to size down one or even two sizes to get the right fit. This was especially true for his popular Geobasket sneakers, which became a signature style for the brand.

Over time, Rick Owens’ sizing has become more consistent and in line with other designer brands. The sizing for his footwear now tends to be true to size. Meaning that customers can order their usual size with confidence. This shift in sizing may have been influenced by customer feedback and the desire to create a more accessible and wearable product.

Compared to other high-end designer brands, Rick Owens’ shoe sizing is generally considered to be on the larger side. However, this can vary depending on the style and design of the shoe. For example, some customers have reported that his ankle boots and combat boots run true to size, while others have found that his sandals and slip-on sneakers tend to run large.

Are Rick Owens’ Shoes Run Big and Why?

Rick Owens’s shoes generally run true to size or slightly larger than other brands. This is due to the designer’s unique design aesthetic and construction techniques, which often incorporate elongated proportions and oversized silhouettes. In addition, many of Rick Owens’ shoes are made in Italy, where sizing standards may differ from those in other parts of the world.

Another factor to consider is that Rick Owens often uses high-quality materials like leather and suede. Which can stretch and mould to the wearer’s feet over time. This can lead to a slightly larger fit initially. But the shoes will eventually conform to the wearer’s foot shape and become more comfortable.

My Personal Experience with Rick Owens Shoes

Here are a few shoe models I have had the opportunity to test myself.

Nonetheless, the information I provide will be helpful to those interested. Moving on, I have an unusual foot shape – it’s wider than average, and my feet measure 26.5cm. As a result, I typically wear a size 9.

Veja Hiking Sneaker

Veja Hiking Sneaker

First up, I try Veja hiking sneakers. I’ve tried this shoe in sizes 41 and 43, but neither fit my foot comfortably. The 43 was better, but it became uncomfortable to wear over time. After researching online, I’ve noticed many others have experienced similar problems with these shoes.

Based on my experience with the Veja hiking sneaker, I recommend sizing up if you’re interested in the Veja line. For example, if you normally wear a size 43, go for a 44 instead.

Veja Running Sneaker

Veja Running Sneaker

Moving on to the next shoe, the Veja running sneaker, these are the first version. Applying what I learned from the hiking sneaker, I went up one size and got these in a 44.

The Veja running sneaker has a stretchyslip-on design.

The laces serve little purpose, and the shoe moulds to fit your foot. I chose to size up to a 44 and have plenty of toe room. Suppose you prefer to go with your true size, for example, a 43. There may be enough give in the material to accommodate your foot.

Mastodon Pro Model Sneaker

Mastodon Pro Model Sneaker

The Mastodon Pro model is a sneaker that I adore. Although I’m selling my black pair, I picked up the white one, which looks fantastic. But let’s focus on the shoes. These are a size 10, and they fit slightly big. 

Given the generous space in the toe cap area, which gives off a superstar vibe, you could even go half a size down. But if you’re unsure, you could stick with your true size and tighten the laces to adjust the fit. Overall, that’s my take on these shoes.

Dark Shadow Turbo Weapon

Dark Shadow Turbo Weapon

Moving on to another collaboration, I have the Dark Shadow Turbo Weapon Converse collaboration in size 10. Although the tag indicates European size 44, I wonder if it’s Italian or French

However, these shoes feel slightly big on me, and I might even consider going down a size if I purchase them again. You can tighten the laces or even around the heel to provide additional support. Interestingly, many fans of Rick Owens enjoy wearing these shoes.

Moving on to Dark Shadow, for those who may not be familiar, is a diffusion line of Rick Owens’ main line. The clothing and shoes in the Dark Shadow line still come with a hefty price tag but are intended to be more accessible than the mainline, with fewer avant-garde cuts and shapes. It’s important to note that Dark Shadow is not the name of the shoe but rather the sub-label. The shoe that people are typically referring to is the Ramones.

So, let’s talk about the high-top version of the Rick Owens Dark Shadow Ramones.

Rick Owens’s Dark Shadow Ramones

Rick Owens's Dark Shadow Ramones

I have owned several pairs of the Rick Owens Dark Shadow Ramones in the high-top version. The size that fits me best is a 41 US8, even though I had tried on 43 and even 43.5 in different pairs, both of which were too big with too much space. 

However, this may only be the case for some, so I suggest going one size down on these shoes. If you need more time, you can try half a size down or stay true to size, but make sure you have a way to return the shoes if they don’t fit properly.

Rick Owens Dark Shadow Ramones Low Sneakers

Rick Owens Dark Shadow Ramones Low Sneakers

Moving on to the Rick Owens Dark Shadow Ramones low sneaker, I purchased them in size 42, and I am glad I did not go for size 41. Getting my foot into the shoe is challenging because it needs the zip on the side, resulting in less space to slip in. 

However, the shoe fits ideally lengthwise. I bought a shoe horn to help me put on and remove the shoes, making a significant difference. For the low Ramones, it is advisable to stay true to size as it fits well.

Rick Owens Dark Shadow Scuba Sock Sneaker

Rick Owens Dark Shadow Scuba Sock Sneaker

Rick Owens Dark Shadow Scuba Sock Sneaker. I have a pair for sale on my Depop or Grailed account for those interested.

The Rick Owens Dark Shadow Scuba Sock Sneaker is made of a neoprene-like material, similar to a wetsuit. It’s a cool sneaker, and I like it. I have this sneaker in size 41.5, which feels quite small to me. 

My feet felt cramped, and I wondered if I could wear them in a bit, but it didn’t seem like it would be the case. I didn’t want to run the shoe, so I recommend going half size down or staying true to size because they do not fit as expected for the Dark Shadow Scuba. 

Let’s now talk about the mainline sneakers by Rick Owens, which are typically made from high-quality materials like leather and can be quite expensive. However, you can find some good deals if you keep an eye out on online marketplaces.

Rick Owens Laceless Ramones Boot

Rick Owens Laceless Ramones Boot

Rick Owens laceless Ramones boot is the mainline sneakers of Rick Owens, or maybe it’s the Ramones sneaker boot; I’m still determining the official name. I have a pair of size 42 laceless Ramones boots, which fit me perfectly. However, I also got an archive pair in the same size that had been well-worn, and my foot slid around in them, making them feel larger. 

So, it’s important to be aware that sizing can vary depending on the wear and tear of the shoe. For the laceless Ramones boot, stay true to size or go half a size down. Just be mindful that there might be slight variations in fit.

Rick Owens Geo Basket, a short tongue version

Rick Owens Geo Basket, a short tongue version

The next sneaker on my list of mainline sneakers is the Rick Owens GeoBasketa short tongue version in size 42. They fit slightly large, and a 41 or 41.5 would be ideal. When I used to wear them laced tighter, my foot would get cold, so I decided to keep them a bit looser, which causes my foot to slide around a bit, but they still fit nicely and aren’t uncomfortably oversized. 

For the Rick Owens GeoBasket, I recommend going one size down, but as always, try them on, if possible, to be safe.

Rick Owens mainline Ramone’s sock sneaker

Rick Owens mainline Ramone's sock sneaker

Fortunately, I could try on the Rick Owens mainline Ramone’s sock sneaker in size 42, but it still felt quite large. After consulting with some people from the Rick Owens Discord group, I realized that these sneakers tend to run large.

Initially, I was considering getting a size 43, but I’m glad I didn’t. I eventually found a store in Melbourne that had a few pairs in stock, and I was able to try on a size 41. Although it was a snug fit, I decided to put them on lay-by and eventually purchased them.

Even after wearing them a few times, they still feel a bit roomy to me. Unfortunately, the 41 was the smallest size available, but I’m still pleased with my purchase. If you’re considering getting these sneakers, just be aware that they tend to run large.

To sum up, if you’re planning to purchase the mainline leather sock sneaker from Rick Owens, it’s important to note that you may need to go almost two sizes down for a snug fit. Even one-and-a-half sizes down may still be roomy. It’s highly recommended to try them on before purchasing, especially if they’re secondhand and already worn in. Based on my experience, these shoes tend to fit much larger than expected, so keep that in mind when selecting your size.

Rick owens shoe sizing secrets

Additional Rick Owens shoes Designs

Sneaker Name Description
Rick Owens GeobasketA high-top sneaker featuring geometric paneling and a chunky sole.
Rick Owens RunnerA sleek and modern running sneaker with a minimalist design.
Rick Owens Stretch BootA sleek and unique ankle boot with a stretchy upper and platform sole.
Rick Owens Island DunkA high-top sneaker featuring an island platform sole and a leather upper with a subtle sheen.
Rick Owens Dirt GraftonA hiking-inspired sneaker with a chunky, lugged sole and a mixed-material upper.
Rick Owens SisyphusA unique sneaker with a sculptural, gravity-defying sole and a minimalist design.
Rick Owens Tractor Chelsea BootA modern take on the classic Chelsea boot, featuring a chunky sole and leather upper with subtle paneling.
Rick Owens TankA chunky, platform sneaker with a sleek leather upper and bold, futuristic design.
Rick Owens StivaleA tall, lace-up boot with a chunky sole and a sleek leather upper.
Rick Owens BauhausA sleek and modern sneaker with a minimalist design and a futuristic, sculptural sole.

Final Verdict

With this information, I hope this serves as an updated guide to Rick Owens’s shoe sizing. I don’t have any experience with boots such as the bozo or combat boots; I apologize for that. I may have a lot of money, but many of these shoes were found at affordable prices, and I have also sold or traded shoes to obtain them. 

I could showcase different shoes to provide more help in the future. If you have any questions, please ask them below, and I will do my best to answer. This sizing guide has been helpful to all of you.

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