Comparing Oofos & Hoka Slides/Sandals for Ultimate Comfort

Hello, I hope everyone is having a good day. I will be comparing the Oofos recovery slides with the Hoka recovery slides to assist you in making a decision on which one to purchase. I have had experience with both types of slides in the past. First learned about recovery slides two years ago and was sceptical about their ability to help with recovery.

However, after trying them on, I found that they felt great, and I wore them every day for months until they were stolen. I later purchased a pair of Hoka slides, which have been doing an excellent job for me.

I recently received a new pair of slides for Christmas, and I will share my thoughts on which ones are better.

Hoka Slides vs Oofos slides

Oofos and Hoka Slide

Both sides have different looks, with the Hoka slides being much bigger than the Oofos slides. However, this is good, and many prefer the larger size.

The bulkiness of Hoka slides may appeal to some people, and I am one of them. The design of Hoka slides is fairly simple, with wave-like engravings on the shoe’s sole. The heel area has a small Hoka logo indentation, and the tread on the bottom of the shoe is effective in wet and wintry conditions, preventing slipping.

On the other hand,

Oofos slides have a slightly different design. The design of the Oofos slide is relatively simple compared to the Hoka slide. The insole of the Oofos slide features several squares and rectangles, while the bottom has a pattern of diamond-shaped indents.

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I purchased these slides two weeks ago, but they were used, and most diamond-shaped indents are worn out. The remaining indents are still not as effective as the Hoka slides. The only stamp on the Oofos slide is the UFO technology” label on the back, and there’s a small UFO sign on the other side.

As you can see, the design of the Oofos slides is pretty plain, especially in the black colorway. It looks like a sandal you could find at Walmart.

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Benefits of Recovery Slides from Hoka and Oofos

A man wearing, walking and pressing the oofos and hoka slide

The purpose of both slides, however, is to reduce injury and aid in recovery. Hoka and Oofos designed their slides with this in mind.

According to the Oofos website, their slides reduce the impact on your feet by 37%, which is a significant difference. This is especially important to consider, given how much time we spend on our feet.

It’s almost like eliminating one-third of the impact with each step, which can make your legs feel better without you realizing it. While I’m not sure what the exact numbers are for Hoka, it’s around 30 to 40%, which is remarkable. Even though we tend to think about these things when we’re running, they can also make a huge difference while walking.

Let’s start by comparing the price of these slides.


Oofos slides range from $45 to $70, depending on the model you choose. While many color options are available, most are not very stylish. However, they feel great on your feet and have good traction on the bottom. They are true to size and do not slip off, whether you wear them with or without socks.

Moving on to the Hoka slides, they are a bit more expensive. Starting at $50, Hoka slides are priced higher than the minimum $45 for the Oofos. Many color options are also available for Hoka slides, with cool pastel colors being popular. In my experience, I haven’t seen Hoka slides priced over $50.

Infographic chart of Oofos vs Hoka slide

Overall, the Hoka slides have a better appearance and have received compliments from people around me, whereas I haven’t received any compliments on the Oofos. Like the Oofos, the Hoka slides also feel great and have good traction on the bottom, and they stay on my feet all the time.

I have presented the similarities and differences between the Hoka and Oofos slides, but ultimately it is up to you to decide which one to purchase. Both slides offer benefits in reducing foot impact and are true to size. I hope my article has provided some helpful information, and thank you for reading. Stay safe and take care.

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