Nike ZoomX Vs React Which One is Best?

Every runner knows various running shoes to choose from. Still, many don’t know the differences between Nike ZoomX and React foam midsoles. The three options in this series boast unique properties for your feet, such as responsiveness or cushioning, depending on which type you prefer.

While each one performs well on its merit, it’s essential to do first-hand research before buying, so consider both types when choosing. In this article, we’ll cover what makes them different and why you might want one over another for running or biking shoes.

When choosing between ZoomX vs. Reacts, the most important thing is their prperties: thicknesses vary from 1-3 miles while still providing similar levels of responsiveness underfoot with lightweight sneakers such as fly knits. Another key difference may be durability; some users report cracks after extensive wear. But how do they compare? Let’s take a closer look.

Nike ZoomX vs React Foam

Nike ZoomX foam was designed to provide runners with maximum energy return. This means that it provides a bouncy feeling when you run, which can help you run faster and longer. Additionally, Nike ZoomX foam is lightweight, so it won’t weigh you down as you run. However, one downside of Nike ZoomX foam is that it doesn’t provide as much support as some other foams on the market. If you have knee or ankle problems, Nike ZoomX foam may not be the right choice for you.

React foam, on the other hand, was designed to provide runners with a combination of cushioning and support. This makes it a good choice for runners who need a little extra support. React foam is also lightweight and provides good energy return; however, it’s not quite as bouncy as Nike ZoomX foam. Some runners find that React foam doesn’t provide enough rebound, which can lead to fatigue over long distances.

Nike ZoomX

Nike ZoomX is a foam-based technology that is designed to provide maximum energy return. ZoomX foam is lightweight and soft, meaning that it can adapt to the changing shape of your foot as you run. It is also very durable, meaning that it will retain its shape and springiness for miles to come. One of the benefits of Nike ZoomX is that it provides a very smooth ride; you won’t feel any sharp jolts when you land, just a gentle cushioning that helps you keep going.


Imagine the Nike ZoomX as ultra-light, flexible material that can be blown into the foam to give you more cushioning than your favorite shoes. It’s made from Pebax – usually found in plastics and other materials with high resilience capabilities like it was designed for this purpose.

They say one-third less weight is needed too: 8 ounces per pair on average man/women size 10 compared to Cushion’s 14+ oz. It means we’ll all have our pick of footwear while feeling just as good, if not better off, after wearing them all day long.


The midsole cushions your foot each time it strikes the ground. Because ZoomX foam is so light, Nike can use more of it in the shoe and make comfortable racing/training shoes for you. The stack height means how high up on everything are all these different materials that separate our feet from running on roads.


ZoomX running shoes are designed with a midsole that absorbs your foot’s impact and returns it quickly so you can spring forward again, every time. Zoom X’s magic isn’t how much energy is absorbed but instead having foam springs close to their original shape. It means more of the force goes back into using those muscles.

Nike React Foam

Nike React is a newer technology that was designed to provide even more energy return than ZoomX. Unlike ZoomX, which is foam-based, React uses a special polymer material that is bouncy yet firm. React is also lightweight and responsive, molding to the shape of your foot as you run. Nike bills React as its “most durable cushioning ever,” meaning that it can withstand miles and miles of use without losing its shape or effectiveness. Nike claims that you can get up to 25% more mileage before it breaks down. It’ll be like adding 100 miles on top of your 400-mile training period for traditional runners.

Final Verdict

Nike ZoomX is hands down the best midsole foam in a running shoe on the planet. Now that Nike has redesigned their new line of shoes and eliminated narrowness blisters. Both technologies offer cushioned, responsive rides that will help you go the distance. However, if you’re looking for maximum energy return, then React might be the way to go. And if you’re looking for a slightly more forgiving ride, then ZoomX could be the technology for you. I recommend wearing either my favorite: The NikeZoom Pegasus Turbo. Perfect if training every day or going long distances with its cushioned comfort. Alternatively, you can use an all-around better model like Vaporfly Elite 4%. It gives me some support while still lightweight. Still, it offers excellent cushioning when pushing myself beyond what feels comfortable at first.

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