Are new balance shoes good for diabetes & peripheral neuropathy?

Many people with diabetes wonder: are new balance shoes good for people with diabetes & peripheral neuropathy? There are many different kinds of new balance shoes.
Some shoes may be better than others for people with diabetes.

For example, walking shoes would be better for people with diabetes than basketball shoes or running shoes.

This is because these shoes are designed to address the issues when a person has diabetes in their feet. People with diabetic neuropathy sometimes complain about numbness and tingling in their feet and toes (especially at night).

If blood flow is reduced, it can lose feeling and increase the risk for your body. New Balance shoes that are good for speed and comfort are designed with new balance anti-fatigue technology to keep your feet comfortable all day.

This anti-fatigue technology reduces the impact of each step on your heel. It helps to reduce pressure points inside walking shoes.

Our Top Pick for Peripheral Neuropathy
New Balance 1540v3

New Balance Shoes for Diabetics

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People with diabetes can also suffer from diabetic blisters when blood flow is reduced in the feet due to neuropathy or poor circulation.

Skin tends to dry out more quickly than usual due to the lack of moisture (sweat). Without sweat, skin can crack and become irritated easily when you stand for a long time or walk a lot.

A blister is formed when the skin has cracks or open wounds exposed to the environment. Walking around in shoes with blisters can be painful.

It is best to wear shoes designed specifically to protect your feet from irritation and discomfort.

Can Diabetics Buy New Balance Shoes with Health Insurance?

Now that Obama care is in full swing, people with diabetes can buy new balance shoes with health insurance for much cheaper.

Why? I’ll tell you why.

Diabetic Patients are very near to foot problems because people with diabetes often have nerve damage.

Nerve damage can decrease your feet’s ability to receive signals from your brain telling them how to feel, so people with diabetes might injure their feet and not even notice.

That’s where new balance shoes come in!

These shoes install gel inserts into the insoles so people with diabetes won’t be able to feel hardiness and debris on the bottom of their feet while they’re walking but still get the support they need, even if their soles are in bad shape.

People with diabetes can get new balance shoes, like this pair of New Balance men’s 928v3 walking shoes, to help them with their diabetics or any other foot-related issues, or even if they want to look good (like me).

But people with diabetes should be wary of getting the wrong shoe because some don’t come with inserts like these.

Anyone with diabetes knows how expensive health insurance is these days. So people with diabetes must take advantage of programs that lower that price tag!

People with diabetes can get health insurance at Costco, where health insurance prices are much more reasonable than other retailers.

So, people with diabetes, buy New Balance shoes today and take advantage of your health insurance!

New Balance Shoes for Peripheral Neuropathy

a doctor writing neuropathy on a paper

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is abnormal when nerves outside the central nervous system are damaged or impaired.

However, this disorder has many symptoms, usually including loss of feeling/sensation; weakness; pain; numbness; and stiffness in the lower and upper extremities (ranging from the feet and hands or arms and legs).

New Balance shoes are a great choice for people with peripheral neuropathies.

These best-selling shoes were first founded in Boston – Massachusetts – by William J Riley. However – the company later became New Balance – after merging with Mr. Baily’s company – which made shoes that would support the foot’s arch more appropriately than other styles at that time.

In the 1960s – 1970s – New Balance was well known as a running shoe company- however, today, the best new balance shoes have been created for all types of activities, from running sports to casual wear.

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One of the most well-known and reliable footwear brands globally – and these best-selling shoes have been around since 1906! Its long history has led to technological advancements each decade – making New Balance some of the best shoes available today. Thus –These are a great choice for footwear for those with peripheral neuropathies.

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