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I'm Hamza, a passionate soccer player, and running expert. My love for sports started at a young age and has only grown stronger with time. Whether on the field or hitting the pavement, I pour my heart and soul into every step. I am committed to pushing myself to my limits and helping others do the same.

Popular Half Marathon Time Limits

Have you ever thought of challenging yourself to run a half marathon? Covering a distance of 13.1 miles, or roughly 21 kilometers, a half marathon is a popular distance for runners of all experience levels. From the seasoned athlete looking for a new challenge to the beginner runner preparing for their first big race, it’s …

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Why Running Shoes Are Important

Ever felt the thrill of sprinting down the track, or the calm of a slow jog in the park? We all know the benefits of running – cardiovascular health, stress relief, and not to mention, it’s a perfect excuse to get outdoors. But let’s face it, those benefits can quickly turn into problems if we’re …

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How to Keep Shoe Tongue from Sliding

Ever had a shoe problem that wasn’t size or style related? It’s surprising, right? But the reality is, there’s more to footwear woes than just ill-fitting or out-of-fashion pairs. I’m talking about that frustrating issue of the shoe tongue sliding off to the side. Sure, it might seem trivial, but this tiny discomfort can derail …

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Sub 4 Hour Marathon Training Plan

Are you chasing the elusive goal of a sub-4-hour marathon? Dreaming of the moment when the clock reads 3:59 as you cross the finish line? It’s a milestone that separates the casual jogger from the disciplined marathoner. But here’s the good news: this milestone is not just for the genetically gifted or the full-time athletes. …

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