Do ASICS Running Shoes Run Small or Big?

If you want to purchase a new pair of ASICs running shoes, you might wonder whether they run true to size or if you should size up or down. This is a common concern among runners, as a well-fitting shoe is crucial for optimal performance and comfort.

While it’s generally recommended to try on shoes before purchasing them, it can be difficult to do so when shopping online.

In this article, I’ll explore whether ASIC running shoes tend to run small and provide tips for finding the right size for your feet.

Do Asics running shoes tend to run small?

Do Asics running shoes tend to run small?

Asics shoes run slightly small compared to some other brands. Buying an ASIC running shoe, you can order a half size up from your usual fit. That said, it’s important to note that there is plenty of variation within the brand, depending on the style and type of shoe.

For example, ASICs Gel-Cumulus models tend to fit true to size or slightly large. At the same time, ASICs GT-2000 running shoes are usually closer to a half-size small.

Remember: It’s always best to check the manufacturer’s size guide before ordering online to make sure you get the right fit.

Are ASICS Running Shoes True to Size?

Are ASICS Running Shoes True to Size?

YES, ASICS running shoes are true to size. While differences in fit can occur between different models, it’s generally recommended to go with your regular shoe size when purchasing ASICs.

To find the right size for your feet, you need to determine the length of your feet, keeping in mind that they may change and grow over time. The most accurate way to measure your feet is in centimeters, giving you the correct shoe size.

How to Accurately Measure Feet?

How to Accurately Measure Feet?
  • You’ll need a pen, a piece of paper, and a tape measure or ruler to measure your feet accurately. If you’re doing it alone, you may require someone’s help. Place the piece of paper against a wall and stand with your heel on it, then trace the outline of your foot and mark the extremities.
  • Once you have traced the outline of your feet, measure from the heel to the longest toe to determine the length of your feet in centimeters. You may also notice that one foot is longer than the other. 
  • Add an extra 1 to 1.5 centimeters, generally the width of your thumb, to the length of your longest foot to find the appropriate shoe size according to the sizing guide. This extra space is necessary because your feet tend to warm up and expand during a run, so you want to ensure enough room to avoid discomfort.
  • To avoid any irritation, make sure to fit your shoes to your longest foot and refer to the corresponding size chart on the website Asics size guide.

Remember to measure both feet, keeping in mind that one foot is usually longer than the other. It’s best to do this at the end of the day when your feet are warm and expanded. If you have assistance, stand on the paper while they trace both feet as closely as possible.

Steps to Try on Running Shoes for the Perfect Fit

Steps to Try on Running Shoes for the Perfect Fit

When testing the shoes, wear your running socks and ensure a proper fit in the heel area by pushing your foot back.

Then firmly but not too tightly, lace up around the instep for top-notch security. To prevent slipping within the heel of your shoes, leave the last eyelet unlaced.

Afterward, stand up and assess if there is a thumb’s width distance between your longest toe and the end of your shoe for optimal fit.

When searching for the right fit, make sure your feet can move side-to-side in the forefoot of the shoes without spilling over its edge.

Alternatively, try on your shoes after a run when they are more expanded and heated to secure a perfect match.

Asics Women Shoe Sizing Chart

Foot Length (inches)US Women’s Shoe SizeUK Women’s Shoe SizeEU Women’s Shoe Size

Asics Men Sizing Chart

US SizeUK SizeEU SizeFoot Length (inches)Foot Length (cm)
steps to measure feet accurately


ASICS shoes are generally designed with a snug fit to provide support and stability during physical activity. Some people may find them tighter than other brands they have tried. It is important to carefully measure your feet and refer to the size chart to ensure a proper fit. Finding the right shoes that fit well and provide comfort and support is essential for an enjoyable, injury-free running experience.

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