No More Slip-Ups Converse Can Help You Stay on Your Feet

Converse sneakers are slip resistant because of their diamond pattern tread design on the outsole, which offers excellent surface grip. They were initially intended for use on slippery indoor sports courts.

Nonetheless, it is essential to keep in mind that while Converse sneakers are slip-resistant, they may not provide adequate support for some activities, such as running or hiking, because Converse sneakers are made of a fabric called Canvas, which absorbs water easily when it gets wet and makes them uncomfortable to walk in and may even cause blisters on your heels.

Converse Slip Resistance in Various Weather Conditions

A gif of converse shoes places in water, snow and on rock like surface

When walking in rainy or icy conditions, it is important to be cautious regardless of the footwear you choose to wear. While Converse shoes have a reliable non-slip tread, they may be less effective in extreme weather conditions.

To increase slip resistance in icy weather, you can wear ice grips over the outsoles of the shoes. Converse shoes should provide slip resistance in light rain, but the thread may perform better in heavy rain.

In my experience, wearing Converse shoes in the rain is acceptable as long as the walking surface is well-paved or abrasive and the weather is not excessively stormy.

Note that Converse shoes are made of canvas, which can make your feet uncomfortable in wet or snowy conditions. To wear them in the rain, it is recommended that you waterproof them using a canvas-safe spray.

An infographic showing how can you take care of your converse shoes

Design Element that Makes Converse Shoes Non-Slip

A girl holding converse shoes and showing its sole design

Converse shoes’ unique design and robust construction are widely recognized for sports shoes developed indoors. A gum rubber sole is often incorporated in hard-court sports such as squash, badminton, and tennis. The use of a gum rubber sole offers numerous benefits.

It prevents the rubber from leaving marks on the hard court surface, maintaining a clean and mark-free court.

The gum rubber sole provides additional grip by heating up during play, enhancing balance during rapid movements and direction changes.

Manufacturers make the gum rubber sole from natural rubber and cure it by vulcanizing, which makes it more environmentally friendly and durable than synthetic rubber soles. The distinctive tan or brown color of the gum rubber sole also adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of Converse shoes.

The diamond pattern on Converse sneakers’ soles is an iconic feature of the brand that is easily recognizable. However, it’s not just for aesthetics; it has a practical function. The diamond-shaped tread provides more surface grip to the areas of the foot that experience the most pressure during walking, such as the balls and heels.

This helps the shoes stick better to surfaces and reduces the risk of slipping, resulting in safer steps. Converse has tested this design over the past century and found it the most effective slip-free option.

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Do Converse Shoes Retain Their Slip Resistance Feature Over Time?

A man holding old converse shoes

The durability of slip-resistant qualities in Converse shoes is a common concern for many people. The lifespan of these qualities depends on how frequently the shoes are worn and the types of surfaces they are used on.

Frequent use of shoes, particularly on rough or abrasive surfaces, will eventually wear down their outsoles over time. As a result, the diamond-shaped pattern that ensures slip resistance will gradually become smoother, leading to a decrease in grip.

A rumor has been making rounds alleging that some of Converse’s shoes do not have slip-resistant soles. However, let me assure you that this is nothing but a myth. Every pair of Converse shoes, from the classic black ones to the more trendy lugged styles, is slip resistant.

Converse’s commitment to safety is one of the reasons why its shoes are so popular. They know that people wear their shoes for all kinds of activities, from skateboarding to hiking, and they strive to provide reliable and safe footwear for everyone.

How To Make Your Converse Non-Slip

A gif of a converse shoe in forest ,few pieces of sand paper and a girl spraying on sole of converse shoes

When you buy new Converse shoes, the soles may not be non-slip because they haven’t touched the ground yet.

To make them non-slip, walk on hard ground like concrete or gravel or use sandpaper to rub the soles for a few minutes. Coarse 15-grit sandpaper is best, but you can also use fine sandpaper or a nail file. 

If you don’t have access to hard ground or sandpaper, try using hair spray or puff paint to add a thin layer to the soles and let it dry.

However, these methods may not be as effective as commercial products like grip pads or tacky spray, which you can buy for about $10.

Workplaces Where Non-Slip Converse Might Help You

A gif of restaurant, hospitals and warehouse
Workplaces Where Non-Slip Converse Might Work

Non-slip Converse shoes can help keep you safe in workplaces with common slippery surfaces. Here are some examples:

  1. Restaurants and food service areas where floors can be wet and spills can happen.
  2. Hospitals and healthcare facilities where quick and safe movement on slippery floors is important.
  3. Warehouses and factories where workers need to move heavy objects and operate machinery on potentially slippery surfaces.
  4. Construction sites and outdoor work environments where workers need to navigate uneven terrain and wet or muddy conditions.
  5. Customers may track in water or other liquids in any workplace with a risk of slipping, such as in retail stores.

Closing Thoughts

Converse shoes can help you avoid slipping and grip different surfaces well. They are a good choice for jobs where you might slip or slide. The shoes have a special design with a rubber sole and a pattern on the bottom that helps them stay slip-resistant for a long time if you take good care of them.

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