Nike Zoom Fly 3 Review

The Zoom Fly 3 is the affordable version of Nike’s premium running shoes. It contains all of those cool features you’d find on a Vaporfly 4% or Next% shoe. The Zoom Fly has been a staple in the distance racing world since it was first released.

The VaporFly Elite 4%, Next% series, and now this latest model evolved from their original form. Each year, changes are made to keep up with high-end racers looking for innovation. A casual user may wonder what is so special about these sneakers and why I should buy them instead of some other brand’s sandals or running shoes. The Zoom Fly 3 is a game-changing shoe.

The third version, being tested here and now, has minor changes to the midsole, entirely different from its predecessor made last year. An overhaul of their upper for it to be more comfortable than ever before with Vapor Weave material that’s light but still durable – perfect if you’re looking into trying something new!

A lot about this model feels recycled, though, like React foam (they use Nike Air Zoom Vomero 14s) compared side by side. However, these differences can quickly become overlooked while taking advantage of all those benefits listed above, such as the carbon fiber plate, which could be due to the extra cushioning.

First Impressions

zoom fly 3 in green color

Out of the box, the Nike Zoom Fly 3s have an impressive look and feel to them. The shoes are sleek and lightweight, with a minimalist design that’s accented by bold hits of color. They’re also very comfortable, thanks to the soft foam in the midsole and the plush heel collar.

On my first run in the Zoom Fly 3s, I was impressed by how well they balanced cushioning and responsiveness. The shoes felt fast and springy, but they also absorbed impact well and protected my feet from the hard pavement. There’s a ton of space in this shoe compared to other Nike shoes, which made them feel less confining as they enveloped my feet with comfort!


Nike zoom fly 3 outsole and side view

I’ve now put several miles on the Nike Zoom Fly 3s, and they continue to impress me. They’re extremely comfortable, even after long runs, and they’ve held up well to extended wear. The lightweight construction makes them ideal for speed work, but they still provide enough cushioning for distance running. I’ve also found that the shoes maintain their shape and support throughout their lifespan which is something that can’t be said for all running shoes.

The Nike React foam is a perfect balance of responsiveness and durability. It’ll stay responsive no matter how many miles you put on it, while also being durable enough for long-distance runs or training sessions in your favorite pace line!

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Unlike other shoes that feel tight and uncomfortable from the moment you put them on, this one was made for your feet. With its transparent upper and arch band lacing system together with VaporWeave fabric material, there’s no need to worry about getting a snug fit because it will form around all parts of your foot like an old friend who knows just how much comfort matters when doing any kind activity!


Nike’s Zoom Fly 3 is outfitted with an improved midsole, which accounts for the added weight of this shoe. React foam, and higher stack height are responsible for adding more cushioning in a lighter package than before while also lowering heel-toe offset from 10 millimeters down to 8mm!

The carbon fiber plate makes for a very rigid sole, especially in your hands. Under the foot, the responsiveness of the plate makes up for its rigidity, and you’ll be able to feel all those minor cracks between each stride within an inch or two!

A groove runs down the center from mid-foot (right next to where I usually hit). The heel increases lateral flexibility while maintaining most other qualities valued by runners, such as cushioning or grip underfoot. There is also built-up rubber around both fore/mid+heel areas, which provides a likeliness of excelling performance based upon different surfaces.

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The Zoom Fly 3 is a fantastic choice for those who want to run fast and light. It will feel firmer than other Nike models but not as heavy or bulky as the Hoka One One Carbon Xs can be at times (though they are more durable). There’s some major POP that comes with running in this shoe – it might just become your favorite!

The Zoom Fly 3 is a great racing shoe for anyone who wants a firmer feeling. It’s pigeonholed into two scenarios – track and road, but can be used in other areas too! I believe it to be a waste of money unless you know what type of event you’re using them at because if there are softer shoes out, that will do just fine most times with minor wear and tear on your feet (Zoom Raptor).

The Zoom Fly 3 is an excellent option for runners looking to add some speed over distance. The shoe felt comfortable and lightweight, so you can quickly go on long runs with no problem! If this sounds like something up your alley, we recommend checking out these sale deals on Nike Flyknits. They are usually costly but are going at 50% off right now, making them affordable even if the budget was tight before.

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